counting my blessings

Teenagers are awesome.

Yes they are also trying, irritable, irritating, cocky, opinionated and wise for days.  Yes they put their washing next to the basket, they leave glasses in the lounge and they twist you around their little fingers.  But they are also wise, witty, lovable, loving, good company.  And yes, in the case of boys, man can they eat.

Since my daughter moved to CT in Dec for 6 months to complete her professional chef's training - we have our dear 16 year old son on his lonesome ownsome here at home.  And that has been all at once amazing and interesting.

Now boys have their own inner clock.  They can stay up till 2am, then they sleep until 2pm.  A bit like bats.  Then my dear one rolls out of bed to consume 322g of Pronutro which requires 2.5lit of milk to get into any consumable form.  This is usually washed down with 2 viennas.

Naturally this is during the holidays ... in term he is out of here at 615 daily.

He has become my Saturday crossword buddy at Abreu while I have cappuccinos.  He swore high and low he was not going to accompany me in lieu of his sister when she left, but capitulated soon after.  So one day a week we do the crossword, both Beeld and Pretoria News.  We have fun.  It is a teeny learning chance wrapped up in a lot of laughter.  And he won't let me touch the pen.

We also share a love for scary movies.  The scarier the better.  We watch them until all hours of the night while my hubby shakes his head in wonder that anyone would do this to themselves.

So now in the holidays I get to spend more time with my boy ... and we Skype Jess .... and I count my blessings ..... over and over ...

c'est la vie

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