my favourites

Just like "Sound of Music" says "these are a few of my favourite things":

  • Rich creamy cappuccinos at Harissa Bistro 
  • Hot and strong cappuccinos at Grounded at Echo
  • Bagels with pastrami and honey mustard at Aroma
  • Haircuts and colour at Red Carpet Hairdressing (yes you Michelle) 
  • Monthly payday breakfast with a friend
  • Anything at all at Sorbet The Club salon 
  • Regular swims at Hillcrest 
  • Seattle Coffee at the Colbyn Caltex
  • Modern Family .... Cam just kills me 
  • Hit the Floor - Nic and I glued to this 
  • Pizza Pizza and more Pizza .... currently Dominos is my fav 
  • Dr Adriaan Liebenberg's Brain Surgeons Diet 
  • Heels --- no girl should be without them
  • Bling.  As in glitter and all things shiny 
  • Reading at least 2 novels a month 
  • Nailpolish 
  • Soft fluffy fleece blankets from Woolworths (wishlist!!) 
  • Instagram
  • Wimpy icecream cones 
  • Adoration hour 
So what are yours? 

c'est la vie xxx

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