irritating little things

So what irritates you?  I do not mean the big major things that happen daily in our country and our world which may be unfair / inappropriate / disappointing and annoying to you - I mean the mundane every day things - what really gets under your skin and turns you from zero to 100 in a millisecond? 

  • Not being greeted.  By cashiers.  In my office, when someone walks in, I am the one offering the service.  So I greet.  Nicely.  With a smile (mostly).  And when it is a crap day - I still greet and do my utmost not to grimace - because that is my job.  1 in 4 supermarket cashiers do not get this.  And I seem to attract that 1.  It is always the same pattern.  I step up to the counter, the cashier either says nothing, makes no eye contact or is extending a hand blindly to find my items whilst having a very animated conversation with the packer, who is after all the one who deserves her attention, not the customer.  The only thing that riles me more at that moment is when that one word "plastic?" is tossed my way.  I tweeted a major supermarket yesterday after a cashier behaved in such a way for the 4th time since Saturday ... their return tweet and call were lightening fast.  
  • People who change lanes without indicating.  And then when they cut you off, or simply push in (usually because the high value of their car gives them the right to) and you flick your lights you get some very interesting gestures.  For goodness sake .. indicate and when there is a gap, take it.... or wait for someone to let you in.  I mostly do ... but heaven help you if you do not say thank you!! 
  • Taxis.  Just that.  No description needed. 
  • People who speak to me as if I am somewhat a person of limited intelligence.  Who confuse the word Secretary with one meaning "I have no actual thoughts of my own, so please do not speak in sentences of more than 5 words and do not think that I can do anything except type."  The shortest route to getting NOWHERE with me is that attitude.  Do not confuse the job I choose to do with my level of education or the positions I have held in the past.  Thinking that this is a walk in the park says more about you than about me. 
  • Bad coffee.  Just that.  No description needed.   And if you cannot serve your coffee hot then why do you list it under Hot Drinks???
  • People who repeat the same question over and over again until I give them the answer they expect.  If I answer you, then that is the answer.  Asking me the same question over and over again for 5 mins will not make me change.  If you want me to give you your opinion as the reply .... you got the wrong girl then. 
  • Anyone who says a sentence to me beginning with "Everyone says .... Someone said ..... People are saying" ...... especially in a negative context - because my experience is that usually it means it is actually the person who is asking you who says it .... but they hide behind Everyone, Someone, People, Anyone ....   Don't.  For the Love of my Sanity.  Don't.   In my 3rd year of studies I had a lecturer who always told us that when we get a person who says "Everyone" we must ask them to give us 3 names of who.  I have used it often.  I have yet to encounter someone who has the chutzpah to give a name.  
  • Telling me to calm down, be quiet or that I am overreacting.  Expect a nuclear reaction. 
  • People who talk or whisper loudly during movies at a movie house.  If you want to chat, go for coffee.  Ditto for those who cannot make 90 mins without quickly checking their social media and answering their Whatsapps.  Unless you are on call to perform brain surgery, your friends can wait.  That light is bloody annoying. 
Right so having said that ..... what annoys you? 

till soon 
c'est la vie xxxx

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