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So Lent has arrived.  Sooner rather than later this year.  We hardly seem to be over Christmas and New Year and boom we are into this part of our lives. 

A friend asked me last year if Lent is made more difficult for me because I work for a Priest, and thus "do I feel that mine has to be perfect".

Allow me to step away from my blog for a moment .  whahahaha haahahahahahah whahahahahahahahahahahaha haha hahahaha heheheheheheheh whahahahahaha. 

OK I am back. 

Short answer No. 

Is anyone's Lent perfect, including Priests? 

Short answer - I think not.  Lent is not a competition.  I do not get allocated marks for mine. It is an effort we make.  And we falter.  Because we are human. 

There are no perfect Lents.  In fact there are no perfect anythings.  God does not expect that from us.  Lent is not a test at which one has to obtain a perfect 10 score.  Lent for me is a trip .... a pause ...... a slowing down.  We pray more, give more, fast more.  It is a time of reflection .... and quiet ..... for me it is also a time of looking at who we fill our lives with ....... and what we fill our lives with.  To me it is a time to look at who I give my love and energy to - and how much love and time they give me in return.  No friendship, no relationship, no anything can survive when one person has to work harder than the other at it.  And I need to pray about that.  Hard. 

I am not about giving up coffee .... or my favourite mag or such ..... we were reminded that we need to give up a luxury item .... we should be feeling the burn in a few weeks when Lent is well on its way.  And I have, given up something that I battle with, a default that I keep returning to - and I am determined to see it through although yesterday and this morning I found myself sliding back into a certain role again.  And I will pray hard. 

So Lent will be in my head and in my heart - and I will try and do all the Faith inspired things, but most of all it will be a time of introspection for me - who and what do I give my time to.  And why. Because that is worth praying for. 

till soon 
c'est la vie xx

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