my fountain. the water. God. prayer. i close my eyes.

I am amazed at what joy the fountain outside my office door is giving me.

A round pond with three layers perched atop of it and a gurgling spout of water coming out the top. That fountain has become a complete part of my day.  At first when it arrived I heard nothing else but that water falling from level to level.  Now it has become like a "white noise" - I hear it all the time and it is like breathing.  But when it stops for a second that is when I notice it immediately.  But I always get it going straight away again.

I can stare at it unendingly and every time I find myself having to pause, or tired or irritated beyond hell or sad or whatever ...... then I just stare at it. Even when I am having a joyous day.  That fountain is my happy space.  I have been known to splash water from level to level and love teasing the dog with the spray from the borehole hosepipe when we fill it.

Suddenly that fountain has started to remind me of my relationship with God.  I gave this a lot of thought during my Adoration hour on Monday evening when it suddenly struck me.  God is like that. A constant.  Like that water he is always there, you know that, and you become accustomed to it, so that if ever you have a moments' doubt that God is not there, or has forgotten you ..... you are instantly aware of it.  But just like that water, if you look, he is there - perhaps you just needed to look a bit closer.  Or kick start your relationship.  A bit like when the mains board trips, switching off the fountain pump ,... you just need to click the switch.  

I keep my connection with the fountain by ensuring that the water is topped up all the time.  In just that same way I have to keep my connection with God by ensuring that I visit his home every weekend or in the week and that I "keep our water supply going" with prayer.  Regularly.  When I need to pause, or am tired or irritated beyond hell or sad or whatever ..... Even when I am having a joyous day.  This relationship and prayer is my happy space.

So when I look up at the fountain as I often do ..... I can almost hear God whispering in my ear ..... "I made that water".

How blessed am I.

Till soon
c'est la vie xxx

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