4 cars. 3 colours. and a confused driver

So I have really had to focus over the past weeks when it came to vehicles.  

I am the permanent driver of a VW Polo sedan.  In white. 

Then I had an accident and it seemed it would be the demise of that poor car which was only 2 years old.  

The insurance then set me up with a car whilst they did their thing.  That decision was to spend R75000 fixing the car as opposed to having to pay out a biggish amount for it.  

The hire car was an Etios.  In white. 

Now this proved challenging.  I drive a lot.  Every day.  And me and the Polo had bonded.  Well.  I knew him (Marco) ... yes the Polo was called Marco, as in the pool game ... Marco .... Polo ..... Marco .... Polo ..... some of you are obviously going to have no idea what the hell I am talking about.  I knew Marco, and he knew me.  Now suddenly I had to remember that I had an Etios.  Also white. I came out of the Mr Price Home Store, into the parking, stood next to the car and pushed the remote.  "What are you doing?" a lady asked.  I was trying to open her car.  Her white Polo sedan.  I have an Etios.  Awkward.  I explained and backed away.  I hunted for my Polo in the Superspar parking, outside Pharmavalu and at many other places .... each time out of habit. 

Now I am slowly, after 6 weeks with the loan car whilst mine is being repaired, getting used to it.  I find it, regularly.  Then on Thurs I went to a meeting at a nearby coffee shop.  When I came out I stood next to the car and pushed the remote. "That is not your car", my friend laughingly told me.  It was not.  It was white.  But it was a Hyundai.  I stepped around it and pushed my remote at my white car.  "That is not it either", said my friend, now collapsing with laughter.  Yip, cos now I was trying to unlock a little white A class Merc.  Finally I got to the right damn car.  I just keep aiming for anything white on wheels. 

Now today the insurance wanted the hire car back.  But my car is still at the panel beaters.  Friends very generously offered one of their cars to me (they offered the day after the accident already). They are away and I can fetch it tomorrow.  So today I drove my hubby's little car because I had much to do.  It is blue.  

Now you are probably thinking that this would be simple.  I no longer had to keep my head straight about the white Polo and the white Etios.  This was blue. A totally new game for me. 

I came out of the supermarket and pushed my trolley around the bottom level parking for almost ten mins.  I had now finally got accustomed to looking for the white Etios.  At last.  Except that it went back in the morning.  And I was now in the blue Hyundai.  It only dawned on me when I recognised something about it.   

Tomorrow I am fetching my friend's car.  Make and colour unknown.  Please Lord let me concentrate. 

And then later in the week I am getting Marco Polo back again.  

I am going to tape a picture of my car onto the back of my cellphone cover.  Six weeks and 4 cars in 3 colours.  No wonder I am so confused.  

till soon, 
much love
c'est la vie xxxxx

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