Food. Fun and 10 Jan

So Christmas is over and I have eaten pork, chicken, silverside, turducken and lamb.  I have also had cheesecake of 3 different kinds, chocolate mousse, meringues, ice-cream, assorted fruit, lebkuchen and Christmas cake.  I have not had mince pies .... I would rather eat the latest issue of Good Housekeeping than eat a mince pie.  Mince pie ... stupid name.  No mince huh?  However I did have both shortbread and Quality Street chocolates at my priest's house.  No Christmas is complete without Quality Street chocs. He was the only person I knew who had them.   They are available 365 days a year, but in some bizarre mindset most people only buy and eat them at Christmas.  I swear in Feb I am going to buy some.  Oh no I will be on diet by then .... best buy them before 10 Jan.  

I have drunk a wide range of stuff including a fantastic rose essence and litchi crush cocktail with vodka last night which left me with a divine taste in my mouth and zero feeling in my thighs.  

And so January is knocking at the door, and on 10 Jan, so is my visit to a doctor specialising in eating plans.  I am hoping it is a plan that includes cheesecake and shortbread biscuits, but somehow I do not think that is the diet version she has in mind. And I am scared of her, so I am likely to listen to her.  Dieting (and yes I have done Weigh-Less, Weight Watchers, The German eat only frikken eggs diet, The One Diet, The Injection Diet, the Passive exercise diet, The California Diet, The eat only fruit one (nearly ended up hospitalised with kidney problems), The drink only shakes diet, The Fatbusters diet, The blood type one, The eye colour one, The shoe size one) but so have most of you reading this ..... Dieting and policing go together with me.  Don't leave me to weigh myself, don't leave me to check in once a month, don't invite me to weigh weekly and listen to talks about one step at a time etc.  I have to lose so much that unless I walk more than one step at a time I will be dead before I am thinner.  

I will not be the only one starting a diet in January.  It is the oldest New Year's resolution in the book along with drinking less, spending more time with your kids and getting a new job.  I love what I do, I spend huge time with my kids and drink only once in a while.  So I guess I have to go with the diet one. 

I am sure I am sufficiently stockpiled now with all the fun foods, but I must say in some perverse way I am looking forward to 10 Jan.  Even though I have to fast from 10pm to 10am before I see her.  Ugh.  Water only.  

So as we head to New Year I wish you a 2014 filled with magic, love and all the things that money cannot buy.  Cherish those around you.  

till soon, 
c'est la vie xxxx

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