Yellow submarine ~~~~

Sometimes serious things can turn out to give us reason to laugh .... Or maybe we are not laughing ..... Maybe we are simply hysterical.

Someone told me a tale about a submarine today.  It had direct bearing on me.  No the person did not say I look like a submarine or anything else inappropriate .... They simply used it in trying to get me vividly picturing their point.  It was a good and valid point.  The submarine comment just made me chuckle.  And it was said out of caring.  Given a choice between submarine and delightful ... I would wanna be described as the former.  Se-ri-ous.

It is a bit like me using the word foghorn when my dear girl bursts in anywhere.  It is a very vivid description.  Her teachers at school always said they know where she is all day long.  I am continuously saying sssssh... And she rolls her eyes and says "ag mom".  And I do realize that it is quite apt for me too.  I decided I like it.  And I am going to tell her to like it too.  Where is the rule which says you have to be of the non-foghorn variety?  

Then I have a friend who says I sigh.  My son is also a sigher.  This one was more challenging as everyone I know sighs.  However I am seemingly an above average sigher.  Some have above average IQ .... I have above average sighing.  Now I am gonna have to concentrate .... Because breathing and sighing could be confused.   I will attempt shallower and more silent breaths.  And my boy?  He is 14 and sighing is almost mandatory at that age.  However I am no longer 14.  I wish I was.  Then I could also roll my eyes.

The other natty description rolled my way was brilliant.  Well that one obviously I liked.  Who would not want to be brilliant on the odd day.  Sometimes I even manage to be brilliant more than twice a week.  The flip side of brilliant brings a whole plethora of words to the fore.  I won't list those .... I am sure I have been all of them ..... On the remaining days of the week.  

Labels are given .... I wrote about this a while ago after a talk I heard on labelling and boxing people.
...... Some are accurate.  Some are way off mark.  Some are hurtful.  And some are serious but I have decided to try and look if they fit me.  Could it be a fair label?  If it is made to hurt ... I am simply going to duck in future.  And the others?  I will learn from them.  So if you know me .... Attach a label by all means.   But if you are a stranger to me...... And you make your own label for me without knowing me........ Or you just think you can use someone else's label and make a judgement call about me without meeting me ..... Haha I will also duck .... Because sadly if you do that it says more about you than it does about me.    Now how is that for progress.

Now I will go float .....

Till next time
c'est la vie xxxx

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