just sitting

Fun times at the moment in my life.  The slowing down of the normal "hamster on a wheel" pace of my life has left me with more time to read, more time to blog and most strangely, more time that I am simply not filling with anything, which for those that know me well, is very weird and most un-Karin like.  Yesterday when hubby came home I was sitting at the dining room table.  Just sitting.  Not doing anything.  He looked a bit panic stricken because obviously it must have looked like I was waiting for him to come home so I could impart some terrible news.  "What are you doing Laverne?", he said ...... "Nothing", I replied "Just sitting and relaxing".  When I say that sentence most people follow it up with "Are you sick?".  No.  Processing.  Re-aligning.  Re-setting.  Re-finding.  Re-routing.  Call it what you like.  Just sitting.  

I took my darling 6ft 2" son who is all of 14 years old, to Sportsmans Warehouse (his home away from home) so that he could get some new soccer balls.  2 to be precise. He is in that aisle, me in another one, a saleslady approaches me and asks if she could assist .... "Yes", I say confidently, "my son needs help with his balls please". Now the saleslady was collapsing inside, this was obvious.  My son looked up "Really mom, really?" .... It was now hard to go anywhere intelligent after that comment ... because now she went to him and simply gave a awkward smile ..... all 3 of us pointedly avoiding the word balls.  "Mom", he said as we left the store, "you are special".  

Yesterday morning there was cleaning up at our church.  I watched that same young man of mine sweep outside the church building and dump all the leaves etc in the bin and then sweep and mop the bathroom floors.  Happily.  Chirping me as we went along.  And I realised once again ..... how blessed I am to have 2 level headed, outspoken, deep thinking kids.  Responsible, hard working and always but always doing whatever they can for those around them.  My son who seems to consider every matter deeply and so able to give a very good and well thought out opinion on all matters ..... very much the voice of reason.  And my daughter, as loud as me, but with a graciousness and sense of right and wrong that blows me away.  How blessed we are to have them. 

And so the preparation to Christmas continues, I still spend long times staring at our Nativity Scene, our Advent candles are happily burning, you can smell incense and I swear I see serenity in the air.  

Wonderful.  December ...... gotta love it. 

till soon
c'est la vie xxx 

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