Less of Me

So one of my overseas friends who reads my blog asked me how the gym thing is going.

I am happy to say it is still going.  I actually have regular swipes at the entrance turnstile after which I actually go into the gym and not around the turnstile and out again having satisfied Discovery Vitality and their long-suffering emails about my insufficient attendance (what is this .... rollcall?).

I am now able to even put the treadmill on an incline setting without going into cardiac arrest and am working up quite a pace.  The first time I walked at this pace, 5 weeks ago, it was so unexpected that I shot backwards and had to run to get back to the front again, a bit like a comedy video clip.

I even manage to go around the circuit, and end breathing normally.  I no longer have the pin on the very first weight and that impresses me no end :)  Very soon I will have to start jumping up and down that step thing inbetween each machine on the circuit but it is still too early for that.  I don't want to die before Lent starts.

I happily lie on the mats and stretch afterwards and Ta Da, I even wore tight gym shorts to my knees last week ..... which if you know me you will know what a big step that is for me.

So with 5 kg and 23 cm already done and dusted and lost, I have no place to go but forward.

till soon
c'est la vie xxx

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