Stop and hug me

Where is your quiet space in life?  Do you even have one?  Or is your life just a barrage of work, driving, questions, money issues, to-do-lists, schedules and running on a please everyone treadmill?

I have a quiet space .... sometimes the only hour in my entire week.  I spend it in my church, in the Adoration Chapel.  In silence.  Praying or simply just sitting.  And listening.  To God.  My priest says I have to listen.  And wait.  
I am better with Listen than I am with Wait. 

I am pretty much the "go-to" person in my life.  As if I have this library of useful and useless facts just swirling around my brain waiting to be dispensed ...... but sometimes my battery runs flat.  I wish I had a jumpstart machine for myself, much like for a car.  I find myself in a "please just stop and give me a hug" week this week.  But very often we don't have time to stop and notice when usually "out there" busy people are in need.  

So a friend told me today to institute a "don't ask me anything for the first 30 mins after I arrive home" rule.  So I can just find my space.  Before I start answering the barrage of questions and sorting out the world's problems, just in my house. 

So I am lucky to have that hour a week ...... but I intend to try and stretch it to two. 

till soon, find YOUR space
c'est la vie xxx

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