No. I did not win the Lotto draw.

Just found out that I did not win the R8-million Lotto draw on Saturday night. 

In fact after triple checking my ticket I can confirm that I did also not win the 5 & bonus ball prize of R213 000 or even the 3 number prize of R2.75

This upset me for a number of reasons:

  • The saga of the cricket bat.  My taller child, he of the First XI cricket team, hits the ball when batting in what can only be described as "moer" hard.  Hence even his very good quality bat eventually, after one year, simply cracked in half and folded in two ..... I cannot anymore, it declared.  And this bat was loving oiled regularly and hit in for hours before first use.  So that meant that a bat had to be procurred, hit in and oiled asap for this week's matches.  To deal with this "moer" hard batting, he has to have a fairly thick bat.  They do not come cheap.  He is talented, so we close eyes and pay.  But the Lotto draw could have also been more co-operative. 
  • The shorter child, she of the Chef's Academy, seems to need every plastic tupper in every size made anywhere in the world.  After buying a tall stack of them last month, I have now been informed that a large stack of little ones for measuring out tiny amounts is needed.  Really Jess?  You cannot just put the 2.5ml of salt on the counter (I can see the horror on her face - surpassed only by the Chefs' Academy). So this meant another visit to the Plastic Company, who reached their 3 monthly target in January already thanks to us.   Once again .... thanks for nothing Lotto draw. Naturally this was followed by the fact that underneath the chef's jacket, which they have to wear all day long, some white, thin, strappy tshirts are needed so that the minute they get in the car they can ditch the jackets.  So off to the trusty P'nP I went, who are now, just to spite me, packing out their jerseys, long sleeve tops etc for winter, which was all I needed since it is 34 degrees outside.  So the white tops are available in XXS and XXXL.  Great.  Maybe I can buy XXXL and cut into 4.  
  • My son's overseas sports tour is becoming more of a nightmare for parents as the Pound exchange rate has managed to get way worse than it was when we started our initial payments for this tour.  Giving spending money to our boys for this trip will be a challenge.  You hand them R2 000 that you sweated to save and maybe they can get some fish and chips and a Coke.  Would it have killed the Lotto machine to put just 4 and a bonus ball number of mine in a row.  But no. 
So I will just be happy for the R8-million winner ..... one person took it all ...... and I sincerely pray that it went to someone who really needed it, as it is a life-changing amount.  Be blessed and spend it wisely.  

till next time, 
c'est la vie 

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