How I touch my dreams

Dreams can come true if you can decide what it is that you want in life. 

Look at yourself and work out who you are.  Be honest, mostly with yourself. 

Work out what makes you smile, what is special to you, what you excel at.  And do it. 

Sometimes you will get it wrong.  That is ok. 

When things are not going right, just keep moving forward.  Dig deep inside for courage. 

Try out new things and make sure you adjust your thinking regularly enough to do things that make you grow spiritually and emotionally. 

Be ethical.  Guard your morals. 

Laugh.  Laugh some more. 

Surround yourself with people who respect you.  Acknowledge you.  Thank you.  Miss you.  Treat people in a way you want them to reciprocate. 

Be truthful.  With yourself.  With others. 

Don't have your moat up so high that you cannot love others, or allow them to love you. Some people will eventually give up trying to reach you.  

Stay close to those who care. 

Appreciate what you do have.  There are always others who have less. 

Make people happy.  Be peaceful. 

Live every day.

Make dreams.  With everyone. 

Live Love Laugh 

till soon 
c'est la vie 

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