Unused. Unwanted. Make a needy child smile with sporting goods

As we give sporting goods so shall we NOT need to receive. 

A number of years ago when wanting to acquire new kit for a sports team, I was told by the "powers that be" that they would fund half if I raised half.  They thought this would get rid of me and my request.  Wrong. 
I went out hard and fast and raised more than half the funds needed.  That left the other party with no choice but to match my funds, and new kit we got. 

This spurred me immediately afterwards to think about how fortunate our kids are when it comes to sporting kit.  Yes there are many that play in very good condition hand me downs from family and friends, but there are more than that who receive new kit regularly.  Hockey, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Netball ..... the list is endless. 

Soccer, Football .... call it what you may .... it is played everywhere (which is why I battle to comprehend why we cannot have decent multiracial development teams and a national squad who actually win more than they lose).  Having 2 kids with an unrelenting attitude their entire lives about always looking out for those in need, they have passed down sporting goods, personal goods and whatever else they can help others with. It is something that has always made me very very proud ..... because they still do it.  

Through Nic's soccer at various clubs, I have seen township soccer en route to the game, where kids play barefoot, with a mostly deflated ball and rocks for goals.  I have seen many, many teams, even in our own opposition, where not a single child on that team owns shinpads.  Many have to play in takkies and often the entire team does not have matching kit.  But play they do.  With spirit and keeness.  And sometimes I feel awkward about our perfectly turned out kids.  And the amount of used, too small, no longer needed kits and equipment they have lying in their cupboards. 

6 years ago I went on a "shinpad" drive with my son, Nic.  We approached every schoolchild we could in his school and club and we managed to collect 60 sets of shinpads.  I drove out to a local township and found enough players in those "deflated ball" teams to give shinpads to.  A few years ago we followed this up again when we approached schools all over via our kids to get supplies of used football boots, but still in a decent condition.  Jess and Nic spoke to everyone, as did hubby and I and through his initiative we ended up with almost 300 pairs of boots at our house. 85% of them were not tied together as requested and so our family spent an entire weekend matching boots in pairs on our driveway.  Hubby also managed to secure 100 really decent sponsored soccer balls and armed with this our family managed to put 300 kids playing barefoot into some boots.  And many teams now had a decent ball.  We also managed to get some real leather World Cup replica balls and each team got one ...... happiness is ..... smiling faces of kids!!!

And so now for us the time has rolled around again.  I know this is aimed only at my South African readers, and very much only those in Gauteng (but feel free to mail me your stuff from other provinces) ..... our family is on the "kit drive" again.  If we were able to fund kit, get shinpads, get boots and get balls, then we have no excuse.  Maybe this is a good Lent thing for my family. 

We will put up a Facebook page for this.  Expect us to mail you, nag you, beg you, follow you, whatever it takes.  Look in your cupboards and house.  Hell, look in your friend's cupboards and houses when you visit. Ask your family, ask your friends.  Chuck it into black bags and mark with my name and leave at Christ the King parish if we are in the same parish.  Call me, drop it, or I collect it.  Mail it.  Bring by foot.  BUT LET US HAVE IT.  Anything ..... hockey, soccer, cricket, netball, swimming, tennis, squash, basketball, baseball and whatever else.  Adults this includes you - there are many Gr 11 and 12 kids that need stuff too. 

This morning two people already pleged a hockey stick and ball and cricket shin pads and gloves.  

And so it begins ......       Karin    kikidee@iburst.co.za    0790 362 262

till very very soon 
c'est la vie 

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