Stereotypes, masks and judgement

Look deeper at everyone you come into contact with today, that you actually know. Not just casual passerby's or people you speak to briefly.  People you believe you actually know.  Do you? 

We actually have no idea what goes on in other people's lives.  We judge simply by the outside, what we know of them, what we see of them.  But sometimes behind that mask, that facade, that person we think we know, lies a whole lot of stuff we don't know.  Hardships, secrets, personal stuff.  And sometimes unexpectedly we get to learn about the stuff behind the mask.  And that is where true friendship comes in. Because if someone learns all about you, and it does not change your friendship one iota, well I pretty much think that tells me something about loyalty and the strength of that friendship.  And the people you think will be most understanding about what they learn about you .....the ones you give all your attention to, often aren't.  Often it is the person you give less credit to that turns out to be your strongest and most loyal friend. 

And so we judge by stereotypes, labelling people, offering unsolicited opinions and never really look behind the mask.  And when we catch a glimpse behind the mask .... do we continue to judge?  Or do we give that person acceptance, try to understand their choices or situation? 

I like to think I fall into that last group.  But somehow the people you give that acceptance to, often overlook it. 

Such is life.  

till soon
c'est la vie xxx 

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