hot or not

Now they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I am really interested in this.  Some take that beauty to be simply on the outside, some judge beauty by what is on the inside, some judge by a mixture of the two. 

Some find traits such as warmth, kindness, empathy, honesty, a sense of humour to be amongst the most beautiful traits, whilst for others it is only the outer "package" of a person that makes them attractive. What you can show off to your friends.

What about decency, being true to your word, not shunting others around simply because you think you can etc etc ........well those lie pretty high up on my list of what makes people, both men and women, attractive.  If you are just an all round decent human being, that is kind and gentle and caring and you mix this with a mischievious glint in your eye, then I will be hooked. If you can not deliberately hurt me in any way ..... I will be your friend for life!

But just in the interest of playfulness and judging mainly from the outside, I will answer some questions sent to me recently in an email by a good friend.  Tongue in cheek let me tell you who is who for me in the looks game:

All time forever and ever knock your breath away

Ryan Gosling (he does not even have to speak, can just stand there)
Matthew McConaughey (that drawl, those dimples)
Johnny Depp (that voice ... in Chocolat I loved him ... those eyes)
Richard Gere (shall we dance .....)
Zack Efron (yes cradlesnatcher I know!)
Steve Caroll (yes that may be weird, but I just love his face)
and the guy from The Good Wife ...Will ..... he is just hot to me. 

And the girls?

Reese Witherspoon (she would be top of my list)
Jennifer Garner (cheekbones to match Johnny Depp)
Rachel Mc Adams (always looks mischievious)
Ashley Judd (her hair just kicks ass)
Meg Ryan (before she did that weird thing with her lips and Collagen)
and then Sandra Bullock as my hubby would be so sad if I left his girlfriend off

Footballers ..... hot, hot, hot


oh sorry .... you want me to name others as well?

And then of course across the board there are the "pretty"boys ... Beckham, Renaldo et al.  Just don't do it for me.  

So who would make your list of who is hot and who is not?

Till next time 
c'est la vie xxxx

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