mom's boy

Now I have to tell you, I liked things way more when I was the centre of Nic's attention when it came to females. 
Mom was the best thing since sliced bread!!  I do the driving to and from sport, I see most of the matches, I ensure the cricket whites are bleached white, the soccer kit clean (sometimes the rest of the team's as well), I transfer the pocket money, I buy what he needs for school, I stop for McDonalds when he asks etc etc.  And I work.  Life was perfect. 

Then he went to High School in January.  And this is when my grip started to slip.  Because the enemy or should I say enemies, appeared on the horizon.  GIRLS.

Now Nic used to have rather a "non committal" look on his face when it came to girls.  Lately I have noticed that look is not so "oh I never noticed them" anymore.  I am not happy.  Now sometimes when I am speaking to him I notice he is looking over my shoulder not directly at me and when I turn around am likely to find some girl/s also at the shops with their mom.  Why don't they just concentrate on what they are there to do instead of smiling at my son.  And lengthen your shorts young ladies, for heaven's sake. 

Friday night saw me dropping him off at a U-Party ....... this dropping off in the evening is still a VERY new event in our lives when it comes to him. So having asked him the 125 pre-requisite questions and then having read him the 233 rules en route, he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and hopped out the car.  There were lots of guys.  And lots of girls (damn).  

I parked far enough up in the row so I would not be crowding him while I waited to make sure he found his buddy from school and then as I was going to leave I heard more than one voice shriek his name and from the left a bevy of young girls came careering down the path and launched themselves onto Nic and his friend.  I had to hold myself back from going over and saying "sorry girls, is there a problem here?".  Blushing slightly and dimples on full display Nic in his usual way greeted all politely and then gave a chuckle as he saw me watching him.  "Snip", said the apron string ... "now get into the car ".  

I drove away but the 3 hours to fetching him felt very long as I sat on the couch watching TV with Eug and Jess and wondering if he was having fun (he was).   About an hour after I dropped him I got a whatsapp message ..."thanks for bringing me mom, love you xxxx". 

I stuck my tongue out at the apron string "haha, take that!!" ..... but in my heart I knew ....... he will always be my little boy, but this is only the beginning ..... 

Nic and I @ Nelson Mandela Square ... he has the Winnie the Pooh he blew all his pocket money on for his sister's  bday

Till next time, 
c'est la vie  xxxxx 

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