simply socks

In our laundry I have a plastic tub and in that tub are 28 socks.  Not 14 pairs of socks. Not 28 pairs of socks.

Just 28 socks.  Unrelated socks. Single socks.

Now I am positive that I purchase socks in pairs.  And I am positive that my family wear the socks in pairs.  I don't think anyone in this house goes out with odd socks and I have never seen any family member leave here with only one sock on.

I have considered that perhaps when my family are en route home they take off one sock and toss it out the window.  Or toss it in the bin when they get home, but I am pretty sure they arrive home with and remove 2 socks.

So I decided to address the problem at Laundry level.  I instructed aforementioned family members to  put their two socks into a pair inside each other and put in the basket.  When washing I will unravel so I am sure that both socks hit the water.   Now this appeared to work initially ... I would ensure that when they came out the machine they hung side by side like a happy couple on the line and they got packed away as such.  Then the freaky sock syndrome started .... When I hang up washing the happy couple have been separated ....and the one part of the couple is m.i.a.

And therein lies the question that every sane laundry-doer around the globe asks ...where the hell do socks go in the wash?  And where do they go between coming out the machine and going into the sock drawer?

So in desperation I have made a more permanent solution .... When I unwind the socks at the machine I staple the pair together and chuck into water.  They get washed as a couple, removed and hung up as a couple.  When they get rolled into pairs a quick snip with a staple remover ends the process.

Now I just have to remember where I put the flippen stapler remover .........

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