ranger romeos

Just came back from what could only be described as an outstanding, amazing, relaxing and fun just over a day spent at Silver Streams Lodge and Spa off the beaten track into the bush on the outskirts of Modimolle.  WOW. 

Now part of our very decadent stay there ..... me and BFF ..... and when I say decadent I mean massive spa bath in our room ...... I lay in there like something out of a Marilyn Monroe movie, flicking foam bath with my toes while being tossed around in the water like a potato boiling in a pot (there has to be a sexier description ???) ...... 5 star cuisine, excellent personalised service because we were 14 guests in total .... heaven. 

And then the game drive.  I have been on a lot of them .... at a great variety of places .... and let me tell you .... this guy knew his story!!  I recently stayed (as a gift) at a very very expensive Game Lodge, and although we had a rhino within touching distance of our vehicle, the ranger did not give close to as much info as this guy did.  I learnt more about buck, giraffes and a helluva lot of trees indigenous to SA than I ever did before .... he drove that Landrover in positions that had us hanging on whilst munching good old SA biltong and gripping the Lodge coolbox so as not to lose that precious cargo.  Nothing like snacks and drinks standing next to a Landrover in the bush at sunset ...... precious SA!!

Now game rangers (and please rangers I mean this with great love and respect and very tongue in cheek) come in 2 types ...... the first is Mr Loverboy who has great knowledge of the bush and wildlife but does spend a huge amount of time checking out the passengers in the rearview mirror.  At the drinks break all the bored housewives, young girls and whoever else can be seen clucking around him while he does this peacock move and checks out the offerings.  And then the 2nd one, also highly skilled and very knowledgeable but makes every single person on the vehicle feel like the most important person he has ever taken on a game drive .... no matter whether old or young, male or female etc .... and this was our ranger yesterday.  Young, lovely face, incredible manner and very attentive. 

And I did ask my BFF halfway through the drive why all rangers always buy their very short khaki shorts one size too small.  She did answer, but it is not for publication in this blog :)  So let us just say they mistake the sizes :)

So now that I know that Waterbuck can go under water so that only their eyes and ears stick out and that they are the most aggressive of all buck, I am back home doing laundry, making supper and thinking how yesterday at this time I already had enjoyed a long, very cold Frozen Vodka Cosmopolitan ....... road trip anyone ? 

till next time
c'est la vie 

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