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I regularly get an assortment of these in my blog inbox from people all over the place asking me questions ... and once in a while I make a compilation from various people and answer some of them .... so here, just for fun's sake and because I need something mindless ...... 

Favourite song:  The Way You Look Tonight by Steve Tyrell 
Favourite scent:  Vanitas by Versace or Narciso Rodriguez 

Favourite author:  mmmmmm could never narrow it down to one ..... I read such a broad spectrum of fiction and non-fiction.  I do however hate novels that start in 1822 and span hundreds of years and generations with great detail ..... I am too impatient 

Favourite TV shows:  presently Homeland, Nashville, Ironside, Hostage and Come Dine with me SA simply because I am always amazed at how common some people can be 

Pet hate:  Dismissive people 

Favourite way to spend a day off:  Movies, coffee with my BFF, couch & book, watching catch up on DSTV, hanging with kids

Favourite store:  Typo or any other unique stationery store 

Favourite coffee shop:  Currently Vovo Telo, Isabellas Montana and Abreu.  They are getting better at  those 3 words "hot and strong".  

Do you collect anything?  Yes, pens.  If anyone travels anywhere, even locally, I love it if they bring me a pen.  I use it and when they are finished I have all the empty used pens in a box.  I have some really beautiful ones. 

What will you not eat:  Snails, tripe, livers, olives

Where would you most like to go on holiday:  Amalfi Coast, Portofino, Santorini, Spain, Bali and most of all in a non-holiday sort of way ..... a pilgrimage to the Holy Land 

First thing you do every day:  Repeatedly swipe the snooze button on my cellphone 

Last thing you do every day:  Brush my teeth

What do you wish you could do better:  Write more 

till next time readers
c'est la vie 

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