wish her luck as she waves you goodbye CBC

So today is my daughter's last official school day.  She left in a blaze of teary eyes this morning, perfectly neatly turned out as usual, ponytail swinging and a self-assured air she was definitely not completely feeling. 

Rumour has it the final assembly that the Gr 12's produced today for the rest of the High School, was incredible.  And a very fitting and suitable way for them to bid the school goodbye.  At 12pm they will gather in the quad, in their newly printed black t-shirts with their names and matric emblem on, and countdown the goodbye.  After that follows the traditional "let us soak everyone with water balloons" and then they go off and have a braai together ... this time at Pioneer Park. 

Sunday heralds the Valediction Mass with the parents and teachers saying the final goodbye to their children's school career and then she comes home.  Till finals on the 28th.  Home.  Every day.  I find it hard to get the words over my tongue.  No more waking her up for school.  No more trips to school with dad.  No more fetching her in the afternoons, or watching her play sport or taking her for a bite to eat whilst we wait for Nic.  No more throwing her school bag in the boot and telling me all the news for the day about CBC.  No more seeing her bro during the day at school, or being with him in Assembly and Masses and the daily school drill.  

So many no more's ..... I have myself, along with many other moms, been very teary the last week.  My heart feels like someone ripped it out.  You cannot understand this if you have not been a parent whose child finishes their last school day.  

But with the no more's, come many now to happen's ....... I will drive her to her exams and back some days.  I can take her for a bite to eat after an exam paper, I can have her at home, I can go to the first day at the Chef's Academy on 15 Jan when a whole new life opens, she can hopefully soon start helping to drive her bro (a lifelong desire of theirs), she will cook more and more meals and treats ........ the list is growing. 

She is a young woman now.  Self-assured, independent, kind, warm, well-mannered to a fault, laughs like a drain, witty and with the smallest heart I know.  

She's my girl.  And I thank God every day for that. 

till next time 
c'est la vie xxx 

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