supertubing at the speed of light

You are never too old to ride on a supertube at a waterpark. I have also discovered that your costume NEVER stays where it must in that moment between shooting off the end of the long supertube and hitting the water explosively at the bottom.  Trust me because today I came down one several times, swam in the artificially orchestrated waves in a 1.8m wavepool and languished in water that equalled a very hot bath, despite the fact that it was at least 30 degrees outside with a blazing blue sky. 

Today was our annual Bela Bela Forever Resorts outing which sees the staff and volunteers of Irene Homes take all our residents and day workers for a day of fun in the sun ...... 144 people in total descended on the resort, of which about 108 were the very people we take care of on a daily basis at the Homes. 

Now trust me, you have to be vigilant .... double vigilant ..... eyes in the back of your head kind of vigilant.  The ladies and gents must get their costumes on ... we must ensure they wear suncream, don't wander off, have sunglasses on if needed, wear their hats all the time, are watched in the water, have one of us to take them down the supertubes and in the waves, lead them around the pool in the warm water whilst they shriek with delight when they realise they are "swimming".  There is no joy like watching the joy on a resident's face which she hurtles down a supertube with you for the first time, clinging onto you for dear life.  . A lot of "arranging" has to take place in the water before you dare step out.  Another challenge is that I have to take my glasses off to do this, which means I have to be extra careful that when I am two storey's up in the air I actually step onto the tube and not off the platform and fall down the two storey's.  

We have wonderful companies who sponsor muffins, flavoured waters, ice-cream and juices.  Maxis gave us a fantastic price on nice burger and chips combos ..... and let me tell you .... when Ingrid and I went to pick up the lunch ..... you can get 144 boxes of hamburgers and chips into my Polo Classic.  Entire boot and entire back seat choc-a-block!!! Mobile munching machine.  

We spend lots of time walking up and down to the bathroom with residents and into the little shop which is a treasure trove of things they want to buy. We have to keep an eye out for how much junk food is being consumed and then the huge task begins of ensuring that everyone gets dressed, has all their belongings and that before the buses roar out the parking we have everyone on those buses.  

The ladies return to their residential houses relaxed and tired, ready for dinner and an early night.  And the staff, we just fall face forward onto our beds. 

Do we love it .... hell yes
Do we love taking them ....... hell yes
Roll on next year !!

c'est la vie till next time

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