the golden thread of our daily tapestry

Today I write in gratefulness.  For many things ....... and I am reminded how often we take the little things and the great people for granted that we interact with in our daily work.  Same people, same faces, same personalities day in and out ..... but you have to wonder how would your day be without them in it?

I think about the admin staff who are always glad to see me on my in-office days ..... V who hugs me every time, who never forgets to ask about matric dances, the kids, my day before, what I have been doing ..... (and how can I not love someone who says I have the joie de vivre of a 35 year old) ... L who is just in my heart every day for 4 years ..... always supportive, always an open door for me, and always willing to hem my kid's school uniforms and pants (to save them the embarrassment of having it done by me).  J who has called me Flaky for as long as I have known her and says I just bring light into the office.  L who is always interested in how my fundraising is going and along with M celebrates every incoming rand, big or small.  And knows I never enter quietly.  R & K who shriek with laughter at my antics in the kitchen, along with M who often bounces stuff about her kids off me, R who loves costume jewellery as much as me (and shoes) and I who keeps me on track by ensuring that I know what is due when and all my meeting dates at work and of course A my opposite office to mine who tolerates my music and radio streaming ..... and then of course dear L, who I regularly make blush with my comments as I love to tease him .... he calls me Mevrou and when he retires I will miss him terribly. And then of course C ..... who makes great coffee, is a moral compass, long-suffering friend and shares a similar sense of humour. 

This is what makes up the thread of my working day.  Do they sometimes drive me to distraction.  Of course.  Do I sometimes want to just shake them.  Of course.  Can I be without them.  Of course not.  Do I tell them often.  I do.  It is a Karin thing.  Do they tell me in return ..... 95 % of them do. 

The golden threads of the tapestry of our lives ........ hold them dear. 

till next time
c'est la vie xxx 

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