Moms writing Matric

Matric prelims.  13 fear inspiring, spine chilling letters.  And that is just for the moms.  Imagine how these kids are feeling.

My darling 18 year old bundle of nerves is hard at work.  After fantastic June exams report results she has at least got a serious head start on prelim studying.  But that does not stop the nervous - sleep deprived - half weepy - hysterical laughter that makes up Jess at the moment.

What do we moms do?  We memorize the timetable.  We get sleep deprived.  We stress.  We eat.  We make copious cups of tea and carry to aforementioned child.  We tell everyone else in the house to sssshh all the time.  We stress more.  We eat more.

Suddenly there are so many moments rushing towards us at once .... Prelims ..... Last school days ..... Matric dance etc etc and whilst our kids get used to the fact that a huge chapter of their lives is about to end whilst an exciting new book lies ahead, us moms are trying to adjust to the fact that our school uniform clad kids are now getting drivers licences, gaining more and more independant ground, not going to be in the car for the school run much longer etc etc.  More stressing.  More eating.  And tears.  Once again I am referring to the moms.

So as we flick frantically through these last pages of this final chapter of this riveting blockbuster which has been their school career, I look back with love and wonderful memories at every thread that has made up this beautiful tapestry of memories and I know that next year chef school and a new wonderful and exciting chapter of a new book lies ahead for her.  And us.

Motherhood .... What a ridiculously challenging joy

till next time xxx
c'est la vie

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