What about this and that .... for my Russian reader

Amazingly I have 17 readers from Russia who translate my blog, followed by 12 in the Czech Republic .... I find it so fascinating that they would do so ....

Now one of the readers from Russia sent on a thing to me from her blog .... so because she is such a faithful reader I will answer it for her in a blog which I hope translates correctly ....

What irritates me the most:  People whose arrogance is so all encompassing that they cannot see past it to what is going on around them.  People who take other people for granted.  Drivers who change lanes without indicating.  Cold, weak coffee :).  Rude cashiers.

What makes me the happiest:  Great cappuccinos. Appreciation that is expressed.  My jobs.  Devouring novels.  Writing.  My ridiculously silly family. My ridiculously loving Alsation.  Watching my kids play sport.  My daughter's cooking.

Where have I travelled:  Mauritius, Comores, England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and a lot locally

What makes me laugh:  My kids.  My husband.  Modern Family.  Myself.  My colleagues.  My best friend.  My priest.  My life (a lot)

What scares me:  Being in a car accident again

What drives me:  Working with mentally disabled adults.  Appreciation.  My willingless to make a difference.

And last of all my nicknames .... Laverne, Lizi, Kikidee, Bubbles and K

Hope my Russian reader has learnt what she wanted to know.

till next time. mwah
c'est la vie xxx

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