shake what ya mamma gave you *****

Yes I know you never thought you would see the day.  My name and the word exercise in the same sentence.  I went even one big step further .... my name and the word Zumba in the same sentence. 

Yes, along with Jess I joined a Zumba class.  Our kickass ridiculously amazing fun teacher, Simone, is giving one of her classes in our church hall.  So since we all pray together, it seemed quite logical that we should all laugh and Zumba together.  It's nice to do stuff with people that you share your religion and a part of your life with. 

So off we went tonight.  Appropriately kitted in tshirts, leggings and takkies.  All ages made up the class, Jess was the youngest and no, I was not the oldest.  I may feel tomorrow like I am the oldest when I wake up, but not tonight. I did at one stage during the class wonder if your heart rate goes over a certain speed does it get a speed wobble, but I appear to have survived. 

Now Zumba is like Aerobics, except that in Zumba you are jumping, samba-ing, gyrating, getting down teenage style, doing that ass and chest wiggle thing and man did we shake what our mammas gave us.  

After 55 mins when we went into the cool down section of the class, I was aware of every inch of my body.  I appear to have discovered muscles in places I did not even know I had places.  We sweated, we gulped copious amounts of water, sometimes we lost our co-ords in which case you just rock it baby.  We clapped, we laughed and we danced to real fantastic music ...... Strictly Come Dancing contestants eat your hearts out ...... you ain't seen us yet!!!

Afterwards panting like crazy we greeted each other and I fell in my car ..... my poor thigh was shaking every time I pushed in the clutch. My body had contacted my brain and my whole body was on high alert code red emergency mode "what??? she is doing what????? exercising??" said my brain to my body. "Code red, code red".

Now?  Now my whole body aches.  And tomorrow when lactic acid sets in it is not going to be pretty, but you know what?  I FEEL FANTASTIC ..... alive, energised and when Jess was showing Nic what we did she told him "you must see mom shake her booty" ..... 

So you never too old it seems, and if you free on Thursday evenings from 7 to 8pm you better get down to Simone's class in the hall of the Queenswood Catholic Church ..... come on .... live a little!!

Naturally I can't do anything without coffee .... so after class Jess and I staggered into Cappuccinos and I gulped down a cappuccino whilst we patted ourselves on the back .... 

My fat has gone into shock. 

till next time, 
c'est la vie baby xoxox 

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