What woman want .... aka Woman's Day kind of wonderful

Now let me say right up front .... Ivy Sutton is my kind of motivational speaker.  She makes no apology for being loud, out there, vivacious and the thing I loved most was when she said life is full of what she calls "High 5 Nike" woman ... who run through life (not walk) bursting into every room, shouting High 5 and just like Nike they "just do it", every challenge, every opportunity, breath and life in every step ..... like Boom.  

My own table and my Lifeline friends commented that I am definitely that person.  Not the other side she described, the more quiet one (although I thought I belonged there .... whahahaha).  

My table at the Woman's Day event today clearly was a "Karin" table and those sitting there agreed that it personified me.  My Lifeline counsellor from the course I attended said without glitter there is no Karin-ness .... and then she found it on my cupcakes!!! 

Ivy told us about making memories every day with everyone, especially our husbands and to further encourage us she proceeded to deliver a very tongue in cheek, very funny 20 mins of how to do this ...... let me just say that in the absence of a feather boa .... it is permissible it seems to sommer grab the tinsel which you store for your Christmas tree.  And if I could tell you what she showed us to the tune of "Kaptein span die Seile" .... I would.  Trust me it had us shrieking with laughter and I can only imagine what people passing thought was going on in the church hall.  Who said us Catholic woman are boring?

Each table host was responsible for the eats at her table and let me say my daughter excelled herself ....... the fashion show was delightful and lets face it .... gather a large group of woman and let enough wine flow and the party is on!!  More for some than others ..... 

With prizes galore being given away ... great music ....... a very informative talk on breast cancer by Dr Brittain, belly dancing (never have a belly dancing show at the end of a function when woman have had wine .....) yes it became an interactive event and some of the church aunties really showed us a thing or two .... age and size played no role whatsoever. 

What did I learn?  That women just being women are a joy to be around .... that church functions can rock and that mischievous is just a step away ...

Now where the hell did I put that box of tinsel ...........

My table
Jess' catering 

Till next time ;)
c'est la vie xxx

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