Love & Marriage ....... horse & carriage ......... Ying & Yang

Now my husband has the patience of Job when it comes to me.  Truly.  He just shakes his head and often says to the kids "it is a miracle that you two have turned out so well given how crazy your mom is" .... he means it in the best possible way. 

With me he truly does not sweat the small stuff.  Proof is in the fact that on Saturday, when Jess and I were actually at the mall to buy my moisturiser, we got waylaid by cages full of bassets, maltese poodles, border collies, jack russells and more at our local pet shop.  When the maltese licked Jess I knew her heart was lost.  Now please, it is not as if we don't have any dogs, we do ...... BUT ..... sigh, the things moms do to make their daughters happy. 
So we arrived home with puppy (Prince), new little bowls and puppy food.  I walked into the house, daughter in tow, and said to hubby, "Ok, now I have done something ..... don't say a word" ..... he looked at the puppy, said "who are you" and asked me "did we want another dog?".  That was it.  An hour later Prince was lying with Eug on the couch whilst Eug explained to him what a fabulous team Liverpool is ..... pffffft. 

He hates being late.  For anything.  If it was not for late I would never go anywhere.  It is the number two source of arguments between us.  But I suppose when something is unresolved for 26 years you just shrug ... haha .... i do the shrugging;  he does the frowning. 

We are almost complete opposites.  As extroverted as I am, he is introverted.  We read different books, we watch different programmes, we view solutions to many things differently, we operate on two different time zones within our house and on and on.  Our personalities, except for our extreme sense of humours and ability to be really comical, are vastly different too.  Don't be mistaken .... there are a ton of things we love to do and share ..... movies we go to (the old fashioned way in the cinema with popcorn), we watch Ray Donovan on TV, we are both soccer lovers, cricket lovers, kids sport lovers and very protective of our time as a family in our house.  He supports Liverpool and me ManU.  We love card games and board games ..... and we play ching chong chi to settle most things like who gets up to set the house alarm, who gets the blanket when we forget to put it on our bed ... who makes coffee etc.  Music?  We may find 5 songs in common if we think about it.  When he rides in my car he asks if Pitbull and funeral music are the only two types I have.

However we are the Ying and Yang of life .... two completely different people who when combined make a perfect whole.  Some people think that being completely different is a "problem" ..... ridiculous ........ it is a challenge, but one that can be embraced so completely because one person's strength is the other one's weakness but as a team .... you are lethal.  

Eug is a vegetarian.  I would rather have my lip cut off with a bandsaw than have to eat lentils so often.  I can drink endless cups of coffee a day.  Eug is happy with the odd espresso and a couple during the day but rather drinks 209 litres of water.  Ugh.  I read at least 2 novels a week.  He reads 2 a year.  Mostly because he falls asleep with it on his face.  I talk all the time.  He talks when he has something to say.  But that does not mean that he does not have an opinion about everything.  He has the greatest general knowledge of anyone I have ever met or currently know.  I love it.  I write all the time ...... he is a great admirer of that and continually encourages me to start putting pen to paper for that book that is in my heart (S-L and CT I know you think I can).  I do 109 things at once, 24/7.  He just shakes his head ..... and is happy to let me go ahead.  

And that is what you need to hope you find in life ..... not someone who lives up to your every expectation, not someone who you want to change to be like you want them to be, not someone who is going to be perfect every day, or madly loved every day, or love you madly every day, but someone that is always there, even on the bad days when you want to throttle them or wonder why the hell you married them ....... those days come and go .. there is no sunshine without rain. 

But in my life?  There can be no Ying without Yang.  And that is how on the 12th of September we will have survived 7670 married days and nights and 1826 days dating before that.  What a lot of days we got!!

And yes Eug ..... as you say ....... you will never try understand me .... you will just love me.  

till next time with love
c'est la vie xxx

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