Abs. Abdominal Bench. The Circuit. And Me.

"So", says Solomon with great enthusiasm ~ "sit down on this piece and put your hands on the handles with your elbows resting here at 90 degrees".  He moves the pin in the weights.  "Ok", he continues, "now I want you to bend over forward and then come back up, it works your abs".  Now at this stage the area of my body where my abs are (I am positive they are in there somewhere, they must be) have contacted the brain and requested that a Code Red be sounded.  Exercising?  I was almost as excited as my body was traumatised.   So back and forward I went while Solomon counted the repetitions.  When he saw I was waning, he was quick to tell me that the round was almost finished and that even if I go a little slower, I must finish the repetitions.   I must eat cheesecake was my immediate thought.  And so I did. Finish the repetitions, not eat the cheesecake!   After all, if I can gradually make myself drink the whey protein shake, then I can do the damn ab thing. 

He moved from machine to machine with me ...... explaining exactly what area each one worked and a small talk on the importance of core strength.  He counted up and counted down and I could see him concealing a little smile when I climbed onto one machine the wrong way round .... I am sure it is not the first time he sees that. 

When I got off the treadmill was when I found Solomon.  I was staring at this bank of machines hoping someone would come and do it before me so I could see what to do.  My regular gyming daughter saw me standing there like a lost child mixed with Bambi in headlights and rushed over .. "What's wrong mom", she asked.  "I don't know what to do", I replied, feeling about 100 years old.  That is when Solomon appeared.  

Once done we headed down to Kauai where I made a well thought out choice of a drink.  I sat at the table a bit like Mr Bean, beaming at everyone in a "look at me, I am at gym" kind of way.  I went home.  Things started to hurt.  By midnight getting up from the couch was a little testing.  This morning I got out of bed only to be greeted enthusiastically by my other new friend, lactic acid. 

As I write this my upper arms are aching.  But my heart is happy and my face is smiling. 

I have pains in places I did not know I have places. 

But I went.  And I will go again. 

till soon
c'est la vie 

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