Cafe + 41 = a little slice of heaven


My son asked me yesterday when we were there, if the number pertained to something specific.   I did not know, and when I was there today, I forgot to ask.  

The 41 I am speaking of belongs very nicely behind the word Cafe, and I am referring to the very delectable Cafe 41 in Groenkloof.  Beautifully tucked into a popular little plaza opposite the LCM Hospital, its chic wrought iron furniture, longer couches, upper class "street cafe" outside seating and cooler inside seating make it a popular choice amongst diners and coffee drinkers .... any hour of the day. 

Not many places begin their menu with their coffee-offerings.  This to a coffee-holic like me, is like honey to a bee.  There is an extremely vast range and the different strengths and types are clearly laid out on the thick glossy menu you are offered.  Cafe 41 is one of the rare places in Pretoria that understands 2 things ...... when I say cappuccino with foam and it must be strong, it is, and for the 1st time in a very long time I don't have to ask for it to be very hot.  It is, because they clearly understand why it falls under Hot Beverages.  Only thing I would like to see is a little more barista art ..... but with such brilliant coffee I am prepared to overlook that. 

Now at this stage I would like to introduce Peter ...... I cannot remember too many times when I have not seen him there.  Peter has what I would like to describe as "presence".  Wonderfully full of "joie de vivre" he never fails to pass your table to check that you are happy, and he listens with interest when you are not, immediately rectifying the problem.  Yes, this is happening in most places, but Peter does it with such style.  Obviously burningly passionate about this little gem, he moves amongst the patrons, many who greet him with air kisses and hugs and whom he seems to know by name.  Regulars are as important as people who can help draw more people.  He is always there, a little nod to a waiter to remove a finished coffee cup from a table, a discreet flick of the hand to point out something to another one.  The devil is in the detail.  

The waiters and waitresses are well trained - evident by their attention to patrons without being overbearing.  They genuinely seem happy to see everyone and their conversations with patrons far exceed the "hello I am Monica may I take your order" level of service.   I would like to mention that Monica who served me today was brilliant.  

Now besides their to-die-for cappuccinos, they do another thing that I would happily take to heaven with me one day ....... Trinchado.  Available as both a Meze or Main Meal, you can choose between a chicken or beef as well as Mild, Regular or Hot.  I am the beef with regular "burn" kind of girl.   Served in a sauce that I would sell my hubby for, the meat is tender and spicy and the highlight has to be the moment when you take the toasted rounds of bread they serve with it and drag it through that sauce .............. memories must be made of this!

My hubby, being a vegetarian, found their offerings in this area to be vast enough to break away from the "vegetarian platter" many restaurants slap down with the mandatory mushroom, limp veg and such.  His moussaka got a big thumbs up, as well as the large breakfast demolished by my ever growing 6ft2" son a few weeks ago.  Yesterday's toasted bacon, egg and cheese also was extremely well received by him ...... a good sized portion served not only with some cracklingly fresh mixed salad, but also with some beetroot and potato salad ..... which makes it worth the money.  

And then ...... that cheesecake fetish that I am unable to discipline myself about.  About a month ago I treated myself to a slice on a family outing.  It is a decent portion, I shared it with my mom, but this is the real deal.  Not the namby pamby pretends to be a baked cheesecake when actually it is a fridge cheesecake type of cake, but the real thing which sticks delectably to the top of your inner mouth  before you wash it down with ......... yes, that damn fine cappuccino.   I am unashamedly a cheese cake fan. 

Today Peter shared with me their catering menu.  It is so extensive that if you cannot find what you want on there, then there is actually something wrong with your function.  They cover a vast variety of breakfast and croissant platters, oriental / fish / schwarma / vegetarian / meat / snack / sandwich / greens / cold meat / cheese / fruit they are all there in platter form.  In addition they have Main Meals of every type of chicken and meat lasagnes, stirfrys, trinchados with include a salad, roll & juice.  In case I have not got you salivating yet, you can add on every vegetable ever created, Sir Juice (which both my kids will walk a mile for) and they even will rent you a filter coffee machine for an occasion.   You will not have to rebond your home to afford their offerings and imagine how impressed your guests and colleagues will be.  

So, surely there must be a reason for you to drive down George Storrar Drive and pop in there.  
Go on ~ I know you want to.  And will someone please explain the 41 to me next time?

till next time 
c'est la vie xx

Cafe 41 Groenkloof 012. 4605216

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