Matric results and Much joy

Life has a funny way of handing you unexpected (but earned) surprises.  Jess worked her butt off during her Matric year.  She sacrificed a lot of family time, a lot of social time, a lot of all kinds of stuff.  With motivational and religious verses pasted all over her study wall, a plethora of coloured pens and an iron will, she poured herself heart and soul into her Matric studies.  

Before the finals she could be found at her desk at 10am and you would still find her there at 2pm and again at 11pm, having taken very few breaks.  Her goal?  To ensure she got 3 distinctions and if she could make 4 ..... she said she would be overjoyed. 

And so she slogged her way through the finals, sometimes saying papers were good, other times feeling that they were challenging. All 7 subjects were finally written and she went off on a well deserved "matric vac" with her friends for 10 days.  It was the first holiday she took without us and she had a ball.  However it was comforting to know that whilst having this wonderful, festive and loud time, she was never fall on the ground drunk, never acted like an imbecile and returned home with her reputation firmly intact.  Such is my daughter. 

After a very long wait from 29 Nov to 7 January, results day rolled around.  We got up in the dark at 430am to dress and go in search of a paper.  5am saw us around the corner from our house, her crouched over the paper with her dad.  If you have access to my Facebook page you will be able to see the link to the video I took when she saw her results .... Priceless!!  After much gasping and wordless pacing she uttered those words "I got 6 distinctions".  It is now 3 days later and she still is uttering "I got 6 distinctions", disbelief and excitement alternating across her face. 

She is by no means a study nerd.  This is a full of beans, gorgeous, loud, social and crazy young lady.  But she is living proof of what happens when you put your head down and say "I can. And I will."

Tomorrow night we are going out celebrating with family, her celebration with her friends happened on the same night as the results.  Tomorrow night will be filled with laughter, loudness and pride. 

Pride because despite many odds this year ...... she Could. And she Did.  Chefs School for 2 years now lies ahead ..... Go and catch your lifelong dream Jess.  

till soon
c'est la vie

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