Chefs Academy and that first day

Today was Jess' 1st day at the Prue Leith Chefs Academy.  We attending the official opening with her this morning (even brother came along). 

Yesterday saw tears about this 1st day, decisions about what to wear, covering of books, wondering about making new friends and a little apprehension .... and that was just me haha. 

On a more serious note, Jess was having some of the above.  The "be a newbie" in an environment where most of your friends go to university, see old friends and be one of thousands of students, she is one of a handpicked 40 students in a very strict environment .... no weird hair, nails short, no jewellery unless it is a wedding ring .... no makeup except a slick of colourless gloss and not at all noticeable mascara .... anything out of line of the above and you will be sent home to rectify it.  Dress and cleanliness to be exemplary at all times.   Chefs uniform to be worn at all times.  This is not a mickey mouse short cooking course .... this is the top chefs academy in the country as rated by 5 star lodges, hotels and such.  You know this when you go there.  You will emerge with not only your Grande Diploma in Culinary Art but also with a wine qualification from the Cape Wine Academy as well as 2 international qualifications after writing additional exams from the UK.  

And Jess ..... with her competition wins on a National level, is one of the top student school chefs countrywide.  She has wanted this since Gr 3.  She knows the hours, the slogging, the commitment, the tiredness, the strictness etc etc .... but she is over the moon at the prospect of reaching her lifelong dream.   

She is there now getting a plethora of chefs kits, chefs shoes, scrub uniforms (yes Saturdays they scrub kitchens top to bottom), equipment ... hand mixers etc, that knife set for which you can rebond your home, textbooks  and much more.  My boot is filled with a helluva big toolkit, 22 tupper containers and lids of all sizes, notebooks, stationery and a mammoth amount of dishcloths.  She is also taking part in the "Amazing Race" orientation challenge. 

We know that it will be an adjustment, we know that she is often going to collapse on her bed when she gets home and we know there will be good and bad days whilst they prepare her for the gruelling world of top restaurants and hotels. 

Just bring your food samples home Jess!!

Prue Leith Chefs Academy 

Dominique & Jess first day 

till soon 
c'est la vie xx 

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