The Scale. The Seeds. And me

So there it lay.  In black and white.  Well actually black and blue.  Blood tests are black print. Blue background.  Those numbers.  That Christmas eating come back to haunt me.  The chocolates, the sweets, the "all the things I know I should not have", all back to haunt me. Actually not just Christmas.  I have to be brutally honest, tug up my "big girl panties" and admit ...... my eating routine was all over the place. 

No breakfast, 4 cups of coffee at work in morning, then perhaps a KFC coleslaw for lunch, but often nothing but a bar of chocolate.  Then at 4pm whilst at work again, I am ready to fall over, so I have some sushi, normally washed back with an apple danish at least twice a week. Then 2 or 3 more coffees.  Then a chocolate.  Then at home supper.  More treats.  More coffee. An adrenaline pushed, head rush, operating on no steam kind of eating plan.  Not sustainable.  I wrote that I would be seeing a doctor on the 10th who was really good at this kind of "mania". It took a mail from a reader in the USA who asked what the doctor suggested, to now share this.  

In fact she did not suggest anything.  It was more of an instruction.  But she delivered it in such a vibrant, get up and go, enthusiastic and supportive way that it really hit home.  She made the food choices sound fun, she planned an eating plan that fits into my hectic day that often has me in the car.  She cared about what she found.  The blood tests were extensive, her measurements taken of me along with BMI, fat percentage etc were thorough.  And then the scale beckoned.  I was by now so enthused by her I just hopped on.  Looked down.  Took 20 drops of the rescue remedy she held out.  Blew into a paper bag for six mins to get a grip on myself.  Then she wrote it down.  Writing it down is good.  It is there.  Looking at you.  I bravely made eye contact with the number.  

When I went back to the doc for results we found 2 very concerning elements in the tests (and no dad glucose / diabetes was not one of them as I know you are going to phone me instantly and say that).  She outlined exactly what I would be eating from now on.  I have banned sunflower oil completely from our home.  I have wonderful organic, virgin coconut oil in its place.  You must buy the organic one and it must be in a glass bottle then it does not become like Vaseline.  Also if it is not in a glass bottle, but a plastic one, its composition changes when heated and is bad for cholestrol.  You bake with it and cook with it and there is no difference.  I baked muffins for a meeting last night using it and not sunflower oil and there was no weird taste (and no I did not have one.  I watched 11 colleagues eat them and they told me).    In all salads etc ..... extra virgin olive oil.  Big change for me. 

I am now a seed person.  I have chia seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, little mixed seeds that could very easily be confused with the budgie seed my mom has for her birds.  I sprinkle them on my oats, I eat them in a handful during mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  I throw chia seeds into my whey protein shake.  I luckily love seeds so am happy to have them all over in my daily meals.   Let me tell you something about whey protein.  If you don't know it then go and buy some talcum powder, put it in 250ml of ice water and drink it.  Then tell me how much fun you are having.  Ugh.  

I don't eat carbs unless it is a gym day.  Then I do, and yes gym, I am finally actually using the membership as opposed to only paying for the membership.  Today I played basketball with my son for 50 mins.  My heart rate soured.  But it felt good.  I beat him.  That felt even better.  He was determined to make me run.  

I am on medication for the 2 problems, but this will be reviewed after 2 months ..... maybe my radical food change will do wonders.  I miss the dairy since I elect to use my dairy in the form of milk for the 3 cappuccinos I may have.  I love cheese so I miss that.  I pat it when I open the fridge and tell it that one day when I have mastered the word "moderation" around food and chocs etc, I will have some again.   I also miss crusty bread, bread rolls and such.  

So far so good.  After the first day I was so hungry at 8pm I was like a caged tiger.  My limbs were heavy and I was physically exhausted.  Ditto the 2nd day.  But I seem to have turned a little corner.  Still tired but not so "kill you if you don't give me more food" hungry.  Every time I think I am battling, I do two things ..... I close my eyes and see the number on the scale and I think of the blood tests.  To wrap it up I think about my vibrant and healthy GP and how much work she has invested in this.  Yesterday Jess said "mom I am so proud of you". 

And of course we get by with a little help from our friends.  I have 2 friends who have known about my appointment, tests etc all along.  Both are concerned about my health, both are supportive, both will definately scold me when needed.   Yesterday I had a coffee meeting with the one   Before going I was eating my oats.  A little "langtand" as it had absorbed all the water and along with seeds with quite a chew .  My friend commented that the food in the bowl "did not seem to be getting any less".  Then followed it with "we are not leaving for that cappuccino until you have eaten all your food".  I laughed because it was like being a contestant on Survivor.  The winner must complete the food challenge.  But I love this friend for caring.  My other friend is the one who says "Karin you must take this seriously"..... she is my coffee buddy and always has my back .... it is the role of the BFF #loveherforlife

So onwards and upwards I go ..... me and Jess' birthdays are 2 weeks away and my GP says I may have a "day off".  She suggests I use it to eat what I want and to have that cheesecake I so desperately want.  Do it all on that day, because the next day it stops again. But I have worked something out.  I am not going to be able to eat a ton or eat too richly because my body will find it strange. She obviously knows this.  

But that cheesecake.  I will have it.  Happy birthday to me. 

till next time 
lotsaluv and c'est la vie xxx

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