Thank you and more thank you

Gratitude journal ..... Good time to start one .... I have over the years done it ... But somehow never lasts more than a couple of months .. Which does not mean I have nothing to write down ... Just forget.

A friend who has relocated to Cape Town added beautifully to my pen collection recently when she travelled to London and then she got me a gorgeous little journal to go with it ... And I knew what it should be used for.

From past journals I know that some days I filled a page with all the great blessings from that day but on other days it was such a bad day I battled to think clearly to focus on something.

This week there have been many things that made me smile and feel blessed ..... Birthday celebrations with loved ones .... Gifts that were chosen with great thought .... Finding everything Jess needed for restaurant service at Academy ... One of the nicest Tuesdays I can remember in a while ..a best friend who reads me like a book ... Good and bad days ..... And lectures me when I need it ... But with love ..... Being taught how to hit a new bat in by my son so I can help him .... Some really nice compliments .... Sticking to my diet .... Drinking way less coffee.

Be grateful for your blessings

C'est la vie xxxx

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