Little boxes

Been thinking a lot lately about people and the choices we make and what we do and don't get told by them and what we can believe and what not.   Yesterday Father Chris had us totally engrossed in his homily about labels we give people and boxes we put them into. 

It made me think on two levels .... Labels I give other people and labels people give me.  How easily we make a decision about someone and put them into a box with a label and then sadly, as Father Chris says,  we tend to never allow them to leave that box again, even if they change, sometimes for the better.  There is no-one that is not guilty of this labelling thing.

If you are outgoing and full of beans some label it simply as being "loud".  Others however will label it as "exuberant".  If you are pleased with what you achieve at work then some may label it as "bragging" whereas others label it simply as "enthusiasm and passion" ... And so the "boxing" goes on.  What really always fascinates (and annoys) me is people who label people (often negatively) that they have never met face to face.  I hate it when someone makes a call about me and my personality in a negative way if they have not met me.  Except of course if it is positive .... Then you must ensure that you live up to your label of course.

I am sure many of you are familiar with the Gospel in which Jesus says "you who are without sin can cast the first stone" .... There was no-one.

So when you hear something about someone else, think about the source of the information.  If you are going to say something about someone make sure you have your facts right.  And those that label you ..... If it does not apply ..... Just let it pass over your head .... C'est la vie as I say.

Till next time xxx

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