descent into darkness

So having read my friend Nick's very succinct go at Delta Airlines and their service, let me join the fray with my 6 month old Samsung S III.    Bought with an arrangement offered by FNB it is a joy as I can run several email addresses and have all the bells and whistles as along with my IPad it is my office.  Until the screen went lime green yesterday at 4pm ... Making my kids' photo on my home screen look as if they were about to vomit.  The blackness gradually started sliding in from the left leaving me only able to dial numbers with the digits 3, 6 and 9 in them and read only the right half of messages, leaving them way open to misinterpretation.  By 7pm nighttime had descended onto my phone ... It vibrated to tell me it was ringing or there was a message whilst I stared at the blackness trying to play some sort of read the Samsung mind game. 

FNB have declared themselves the deal provider.  Samsung plonked it into Vodacom's lap as my service provider.  The phone was studied under a microscope and a tiny tiny hairline crack found on the side.  Which it could have arrived with originally.  So Samsung wiggled out of the warranty and my phone is in the 7 to 21 days repair shop while I shudder to think what a screen repair on such a pricey phone will be.  Kudos to Vodashop Brooklyn.  They tried their best to backup my SMS' and very vital phone numbers of all the contacts I have made in the last year in business .. No luck ... Will lose it all.

So without a phone I feeling like I lost a chunk of a body part .... And note to myself .... Go to Vodashop every other month and pay R30 to have all my phone stuff backed up onto a CD .....wisdom in hindsight .... But we have to write the test and then learn the lesson in life hey.

And I pondering again the question ... To insure a cellphone or not? 

Till next time .... Don't phone me
C'est la vie xxxxx

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