so i wanted to donate bone marrow BUT

Ok so I finally decide that I want to be a bone marrow donor.  I felt really good about this decision.  

And then I called the Sunflower Fund only to be told that at 47 I am 2 years too old to be considered as a donor.  Now I don't get this ....... they are begging for donors ....... they are short of donors ..... and when you are a donor they keep you on the registry until you are 60.  So if you can be used up to 60, then why can you not apply at 47?  No-one has been able to tell me that. 

So as I am already a blood donor, and still need to find another outlet for my wish to have become a bone marrow donor, I am now going to the SANBS on Tuesday to enquire about platelet and plasma donors.  It takes 90 mins to 2 hours at a time I am told, but I know there is not an age restriction since my boss is a donor and is older than me. 

Who knew it was this difficult to want to help. 

And if anyone knows the answer to the why can I not be a bone marrow donor after 45 question .... please tell me. 

till next time, Blessed Easter to you all   

c'est la vie 
Platelet: Platelets play a vital role in blood clotting and prevention of excess blood loss. Platelet donation is a simple process that takes about two hours to complete. The blood is processed through a cell separator, which retains the platelets and returns the other blood components to the donor’s system. This procedure enables people to donate platelets every month.

Plasma: Plasma contains many important components that can be given to patients with special needs.
Plasma donation is a similar process to platelet donation, and takes about 90 minutes. The blood is processed through an aphaeresis machine that filters out the plasma and returns the red cells and other cellular components to the donor’s system.

As all the red cells are returned, these donors are able to donate more frequently than whole blood donors. Specialized equipment is needed for plasma and platelet donation, so these procedures are only carried out at particular donor centres or branches.

After donating, eat well and increase your fluid intake for the next four to six hours. Do not smoke for at least 30 minutes. Also avoid strenuous physical exertion and lifting heavy objects with the arm used for making the donation for at least two hours afterwards.

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