THAT dress

Matric dance dresses.  Yes I know that it is now only March.  Yes I know the dance is in September.  However if you have a daughter in Matric then you know that 6 months is going to pass in a flash and when you start that long awaited (code for take alcohol along when you finally start looking for dresses) shopping ...... you should at least have SOME idea I have learnt.  And trust me, my BFF has had 2 daughters matriculate from the same school as Jess, this dress finding thing is not for sissies. 

It is not just the long or short and which colour choice ... there follows also a plethera of other "stuff" ..... beading, slits, gathers, finishing, crossover, cowl neck, open back, closed back ..... etc etc ..... my Ipad and our home computer have a file for Matric dance dress photos ....... it would rival the size of the current Guinness Book of Records' thickness. 

She had a definite idea by January .... she has been looking since Gr 1 after all.  So I started saving those "kind" of photos for her.  When I showed her she had already moved onto a slightly different idea .... and I seem to have spent a lot of time behind the curve.  Her and I are now on the same page .... so I regularly will be found in malls, outside boutiques, skulking to take photos on my cellphone of dresses in the window.  I have to skulk, because at Menlyn one day I took a photo only to have the shop assistant storm up to me and chastise me for "trying to steal their designs" .... no actually lady if Jess had really liked it you would probably have made a sale.  Note "would" have.  No longer.  I tend not to hand copious amounts of our hard earned cash over to people with behavioural issues.  And steal the design?   She clearly has never seen me sew haha. 

We did see the most perfect and breathtaking dress in a shop at an "upmarket" centre awhile ago ... we raced in, hearts pounding .... and then raced out, hearts pounding.  The price tag said R11 000.  I was sure we had misunderstood.  It took 2 strong cappuccinos at Vovo Telo to catch my breath.  R11 000?????????? Not in this lifetime baby. 

So we keep our eyes open ... and I know that before September comes around, she will stop in front of a store window one day and gasp ..... and I will think "oh thank heavens" and pray that the price has at least only 4 figures. 

till next time
c'est la vie xxx

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