Monday, 4 March 2013

my boy. other girls.

So yesterday Nic turned 14.  We literally celebrated for the full 24 hours ... he and I were watching a movie when midnight came around so I could wish him in the first minute, and when I went into his room just before midnight last night to check that he had plugged his phone in, he mumbled "thanks for a wonderful birthday mom", so we really used every second.  

Now we did all the singing early in the morning with us all jumping on his bed with presents and dogs .... the whole enchilada .... then dashed off to have brekki at Wimpy with 7 friends and family ..... all the usual stuff ..... mixed in with 3 hours of soccer @ CBC with his dad and 4 other friends .... heaven for Nic. 

Now all that was fine.  His BBM messages came in thick and fast for his birthday ... at one stage he had several dozen waiting to be read.  Great.  Then the 5 doz Facebook messages kicked in ..... and I perused the page as many of my friends and our family wrote on there.  Remarkably he had guys and girls from gr 8 to Matric writing messages as well as kids who wrote Matric up to 3 years ago.  Great. 

But amongst those was a vast number of messages from girls.  Girls who ended their messages with kisses xxxx, hearts in every format, "I miss you", "Love you lots" .... etc etc .  Humph!!!!

Now it seems only yesterday that messages from girls were simply "Happy Birthday".  And any mention of chicks usually got a shrug and disdainful look from aforementioned young man. 

So after reading them .... I could not resist the teasing ....... "Nic", I asked, "who is xxxxxxx who wrote that nice message on your page?" (the word "nice" was code for "the one with all the hearts and kisses").  "Oh", he says nonchalantly..."she goes to xxxxxxxxx" and he mentions a school quite a distance away in another town.  Naturally I now had to know how he knew her since she obviously knew him well.  "We met through inter-school sport", he says.  "Jeez well then why all the hearts and kisses", the mom in me kicks in. "Because we friends", he replies.  Such was the answer for all the myriad of other miss you's, like you's et al. 

Somehow I felt more relaxed when only our and Jess' card contained all the kisses.  He looked at me and laughed ... "what can I say, chicks like me", he says with twinkling eyes.

Pffft. I have no words. 

Hope it was a magical birthday boy 

Till next time
c'est la vie xxxxxx

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