Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I wish I can keep track of my keys (and other wishes)

My greatest wishes for myself: 

  • That I can find my car key every day
  • That I can find my house key every day
  • That I can find my remote every day
  • That I can work out why I never ever look for my work keys and then apply it to the above 3 points
  • That I remember to take my tablets every day
  • That I discover that I do not have to carry everything I own in my boot
  • That I can just once go into a secure parking alone and not have to pay the Lost Card Fee when I leave.  
  • That I charge my phone when it gets to 10%.  Which is 3 x day. 
  • That I can find my car key when I leave work every day.  And not have to put it in my boss' fridge so that I know where it is
  • That I understand that the orange fuel light on my vehicle means the fuel is about to end.  It is not a suggestion. 
  • That I can find my house key every day (yes I repeated it, it is unbelievable)
  • That I can drink less Coke (please do not lecture me - I get it)
  • That I understand that making time for myself every day is not breaking any great rule
  • That I stop worrying about other people's analysis of me - I am OK - elke huisie het sy kruise.
  • That I realise that not everyone you love will love you in return - but as the saying goes - I will love them anyway.  It is good for me.  And them. 
  • That just once I can find last month's L & W account (oh yes I solved this - I get it electronically now) ..... um .... now where did I put the laptop whahahaha
  • That I can have a back and shoulder massage every month
  • That I can fall asleep at night when I must and not every time I sit on the couch at night (and that never happened before)
  • That I can drink more water, eat less chocolate, finish my mags, do more crosswords, untangle the Christmas tree lights, get my son's organ to play (speaker prob), find a way to keep our Husky from bomb-dropping into the water bowl. 

till soon 
c'est la vie xxxx

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