jobs, marriages and life - go with all your heart

Every time my world gets very full, I think about the things that make it so. When my world gets overfilled with things that I can handle, and make me happy, then all goes well, I deal with the tiredness and everything that comes with it.  However when it gets full of just STUFF, then I become run down and even more tired ---- like dragging a chain behind me. 

My dad's favourite question to me is "when are you going to slow down girl?" - "you do not rest enough and sleep" - probably because every time I go to their house I visit and then end the visit with a hour long sleep on the couch, irrespective of the day or time.  

I have this thing - I don't do half measures.  In anything.  If I work for you - I am all in.  I give my everything.  Throw myself in heart and soul.  When I am with my friends - I am all in.  All the laughter, joking, friendships.  Heart and Soul. Especially with my bestie.  At home - double heart and soul - it is a home of great laughter and love.  And when I lose my mall parking ticket (often), my car keys (regularly but always find them), trip over something, fall on something .... man I do it ..... heart and soul. 

There is a lovely little quote I often see which says "wherever you go, go with all your heart.  and whatever you do, do it with all your heart".  

That leads me to asking you ...... Where do you go with all your heart?  What do you do with all your heart?  Your job? Your marriage? Your relationships?  Kids? Religion? Fun? .... the list is endless.  But life is short and I have started to ask myself ...... the places that you do not go with all your heart ..... and the things in your life that you live, tolerate and endure ...... not with all your heart, when do you walk away, step away, move away and ask yourself what the point is? 

And I know .... there are no perfect marriages, jobs, friendships etc etc .... but hell, you at least want to be acceptably happy.  

So what I want to ask you ..... where you go .... go with all your heart ..... and what you do ..... do with all your heart.  And if you are only 60 % happy ..... then do that 60 % with all your heart. 

We have one life.  Make sure you are living yours. I am giving it my very best shot! 

till soon 

c'est la vie xxx

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