the science of sons

And so today exams ended, and thereby the long child's gr 10 year.  Only one day left next week for the Liturgy for end of year and then he is home ..... for a lovely long break.  It is much needed and I intend to see that he enjoys every minute of it.  He has worked.  Late nights almost every school night and during exams he was joined by the hip to his books.  I am proud of him.  This year has not been easy for us and he soldiered on - head up, chin up in his quiet gentlemanly way.  The fact that his sister, aka chefgirl,  will be home for 5 days next month is a great source of joy for him. 

He is, besides his dad, the funniest person I know.  He has this off the cuff, laissez-faire way of remarking on things, a dry as Savannah sense of humour and is so astute it always amuses me.  We spend a lot of time laughing ... in the car to school and back, at home and when we go places.  He often sleeps in the morning on the way to school, interspersed with the odd laughing moment.  Other times he brings along his speaker which he plonks on the dash and plays us a plethora of music of every genre.  One day we are listening to Eminem, the next to John Legend and the next to Elvis.  He is a huge Elvis fan.  We play 20 questions (he says I have a bizarre way of asking mine) or we sing along to the beat. 

Homeward bound trips often include a stop at the Lollipop Roadhouse a few blocks from the school.  We get two lekker icecreams (sugar cone me and cup him), then we open the boot and sit on the inner edge while we discuss all kinds of things, serious or other, whatever comes along.  

He is also a master at accompanying me for groceries.  He always chirps because I say "we are just getting 2 things we do not need a basket" and yet he always has to go back for one when we are no longer able to carry the things between the two of us. 

He is 6ft 3" of love and kindness, deep humility, intelligence and humour.  A real "old soul" I think.  And he thinks his mother is highly amusing. 

How blessed am I. 

till soon
c'est la vie 

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