incense, schnitzels, stillenacht and hope

Today we spent the late afternoon and evening at the ChristKindlMarkt held at the German School in Pretoria.  

It was lovely because the food was cheap, wholesome and perfect for dinner and the hall was full of little stands selling mostly things that make traditional German Christmas - little wooden tree ornaments, hand made lanterns, Stollen, Adventskranz, candles, marzipan, Christmas incense cones to burn and much more.  You did not have to spend money to go there and enjoy it, it was just as much fun seeing the lovely things and ideas. 

Most of all, especially with tomorrow being the 1st Sunday of Advent, I got the feeling for the first time, that Christmas is coming.  I smelt it in the incense in the market, in the beautiful big pine tree with lights.  However the greatest thing about the evening was the beautiful choir accompanied by an orchestra.  I was not able to catch where they were from, but they were not youngsters and it was magnificent. 

I love carols, and I love orchestral music and we found a nice little spot to sit, a bit buffered from the wind.  We had schnitzel and potato salad and a coffee and just sat there.  Sometimes chatting and sometimes in silence.  

The carols were mostly in German, but you will recognize the tune of carols in any language.  The air was a little crisp, the sky was adorned with a criss cross of little gold lights that had been strung up, interspersed with stars.  The voices rose and we sat with our closest friends, in a semi-circle, my bestie close to my side and my hubby and the long child on the other side. 

And I felt it .... as the first verse of Stille Nacht sounded up, I thought of my dad, who loves this hymn and is of German descent.  I thought of our Christmas Eves where we always start with this hymn ... I felt the first stirrings of peace. 

And as I sat there, I felt it, Christmas is coming ..... there is hope.  We have to believe that there is always hope. 

till soon 
c'est la vie 

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