Me in creative mode - a tale of Advent wreaths and other pretty things

So to work out my frustrations I decided to turn to creativity.  It was either that or boxing but my son's punching bag and I had a small incident when it swung back towards me recently.

Having decided 2 weeks ago that I want to do some different holders and candles for Advent this year, as well as try my hand at Advent wreath making, I knuckled down yesterday, bought a bounty of items for my moment of inspiration, checked Pinterest for exactly how to bake the paint and set out. 

I wanted to make enough to stock and sell in the Repository at the Parish. 

Now for those for whom Advent is starting on 29 November, you know that you have 3 purple and 1 pink candle and these get lit starting with 1 candle and working up to all 4 candles over a four week period leading up to Christmas.  Some people have just the candles, others have the wreath as well.  I grew up in a home where we had the Christmas Krantz every year. 

So armed with glue spray, glitter, decorations, pipe cleaners, pegs and craft glue I made what I think is very decent wreaths in the end.  I did pinch my finger in a crocodile clip and get glue on my teeth .... but that is not for now. 

Then I set about painting 60 of those votive glasses .... 45 purple and 15 pink.  This was work of great patience as the paint had to be swirled around in the glasses to cover the sides completely.  It was a matter of trial and error.  Thinned out with too much water, the paint simply poured out the glass and onto the table (thank heavens for a plastic table cloth).  Too thick and you were left with a sludge like substance everywhere.  Also important to note that you wear surgical gloves.  Not because you are going to have a medical exam of your family, but because this stuff is meeeeesssssy.  I had it on my clothes, my arms and of course my face from rubbing it with the gloves.  Once done they were dried and then popped into the oven for 4 hours (no I was not wasting electricity ... you bake for 40 mins and cool for the rest of the time).  

With a tealight in each, I packed them in fours and then consulted Pinterest for the "how to make bows" bit.  As always it was easily learnt and executed. 

Everything is now in the Repository (please note parishioners and friends) - the candle sets (4 votive glasses and 4 candles) are R25 and the wreaths incl the candle sets are R230. 

Advent: the time to listen for footsteps – you can’t hear footsteps when
you’re running yourself
.” Bill McKibben

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