Saturday, 14 November 2015

what you need vs what you want

Been thinking about the heat a lot (how can you not) and also been thinking about the rain we are praying for - which will bring much needed relief for our country and our crops and also a small reprieve from this murderous heat everywhere. 

Chatting to a friend with Nic this morning and commenting on how awesome this overcast sky is today, it suddenly reminded me of something - how we often in life want the opposite of what we have, and then when we get that - we long for the very thing we had in the first place. 

I know someone, lets call her X.  She was married for 20 years, to what appeared on the surface to be a great guy (who knows what goes on in other people's marriages).  Then along came person B - charming her and eventually this lead to an affair.  So she had what she wanted - she was bored of her mundane, every day the same life with her husband and longed for adventure and excitement.  And then?  She realised one day that she missed the stability of her husband, the warm snuggly place in life where she had someone who knew her best.  Sadly he was hurt beyond reconciliation, and now she fell neatly in the middle.  No hubby, no lover.  Just her.  

How often in life do we wish for something else - riches when we are struggling (ok no-one wants to go back to that), thin when we are fat, bigger homes, better cars, younger faces, bigger salaries, higher job titles .... the list is endless. 

Not every time that you get your way is a huge success - because when you are always chasing something (not aspiring, that is different) you end up on a never ending treadmill of always wanting more.  So why not pause.  Just for a bit.  Think about what you have (I mean material things - not serious illnesses or such) and ask yourself -- will bigger be better?  Will more or different make you more happy?  Or can you pause and love the place you find yourself now? 

So it is overcast ... and I will love it, and when the sun beats down, I will try and love that too. 

till soon 
c'est la vie xxx

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