it's a guy thing

Now men have this weird thing about TV.   For them the only channels on DSTV that seem to exist are those between 203 and 207.  With particular emphasise on 203.  DSTV should have special rates for people wanting to receive only those channels. 

Now we do have 2 decoders .... one upstairs and one downstairs which means we can watch 2 different channels at a time whilst also taping one.  3 channels all the time at our fingertips so this works well in our house ..... but for hubby it is 203.  At least Nic has a slighter wider channel view, but 203 is pretty addictive for him too.

Now following Liverpool ... every match, every time slot is a matter of life and death in our house for the male species.  Anyone even daring to attempt to get near the TV at that stage does so at their own peril.  Now as Jess and I are  Man U supporters I have issues with this.  These LPool matches come with so many in-house rules.  Firstly no talking by the rest of us.  At all.  No comments.  No observations.  Just silence.  Hubby on the other hand may rant and rave, comment etc.  If you really want to get the death stare then you must criticise a LPool player.  Not wise ... take my advice if you visiting. 

Secondly do not touch the remote.  At all.  We don't want to watch upstairs during the day as it is 96 degrees up there.  Hubby on the other hand can flip in the halftime break between the other sports channels.  Different strokes for different folks. 

Do not arrange social events when LPool is playing.  I did once dare to suggest that the game be put onto PVR and watched upon our return.  I might as well have suggested an afternoon enema to hubby if you saw the reaction. 

And then of course there are those wonderful occasions when LPool and Man U play against each other.  That is a whole different blog to be written. 

Jessie and I like to watch America's Next Top Model .... a reality show with a $5-million contract as first prize.  Hubby says that only idiotic, non thinking people watch this programme (and Jess and I actually think we quite brainy) and thus any attempt by us to watch this AFTER football is met with great disdain.   Now make no mistake, with a son who plays school and club soccer and last season also provincial soccer, we all love the game and spend a lot of time next to fields all over Pretoria and Jhb, but we have never insinuated to hubby that only idiotic people follow LPool ...... we don't have a death wish. 

So the ruler of the 203 remote will continue to be the male species in our house .... it's a guy thing ... like shopping mall rules in a previous blog. 

Till next time, c'est la vie

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