tale of the insulin resistor

So let's talk about this insulin resistant thing.  Oh yes, there I can see it, my family are rolling their eyes, muttering under their breath, counting my pills to make sure I taking them (ok I forgot some, ok more than some, but do we have to talk about it ALL the time). 

Now it seems that every 3rd person I interact with has insulin resistance.  Maybe there were always so many people, but if you don't have it yourself you won't know this.  Kind of scary, it seems to be an illness / condition that is growing at alarming speed amongst people ..... a sign of the fast lives we live, fast food, quick fixes and we move further and further from decent, regular and correct eating .... ugh decent, regular and correct eating ...... does not really sound like "party party". 

When I first found out I got such a big "skrik" that I immediately did EVERYTHING I was told ... followed the eating plan, cut out sugar and the things on the no list (ever noticed that all the fun things seem to be on the no list).  Weight just fell off me as it ran off shrieking in fear when I did not really take in any insulin high, sugary or fun food.  The weight assumed I was dying and deserted me like rats off a ship.  

And then?  Well the and then is that I got a false sense of security (ok writing this blog is a double edged sword because several people are going to be nagging me now).  So it became ice-cream here, sweetie there, cookie here and so on and so on.  And the pills, out of sight out of mind baby.  The only 2 things I never faulted on was that in 18 months I have NEVER gone back to my 1.5 lit of Coca Cola a day habit or my insane addiction to Cadbury Flake.  Both companies had to issue a dividend warning that year due to me :).  In fact I have not had either item since. 

And then?  And then 2 weeks ago the wheels collapsed.  They had started to show bad alignment and balancing in October already, by December I was probably riding on the rims of my life and last week my body just said "tot hier toe en niks verder nie".  (spiteful).  After a very prolonged and insightful speech from my hubby about leading a horse to water etc ...... Nicholas delivering a much more short and to the point speech punctuated with much head shaking and glaring at me, I realised that I better get my "ish" together.  I was further motivated by the fact that I was not sure who was going to clout me first .... my daughter or my bff.  or both. 

So I have filled the script and faithfully put the tablet into my mouth every night (yes Nicholas you can count them).  I bought all the correct (codeword for "sensible") foods, I took out all the sheets from the 2 specialists who worked with me, and I started eating what I should (not the same as what I want).  So after 3 days with no sugar, no insulin affecting foods I was feeling a little like a rehab girl getting over the initial detox but as I sat at the gala today munching on my tomato (nerd) and a friend sat next to me and looked in my lunchbox and he said "mmm healthy food hey, are you on an eating plan?", I said "no, I am insulin resistant and if I don't get it together I will die".  Probably a bit OTT but since I know someone who ignored this initial warning about imminent diabetes and then had a stroke and died, I allowed myself the OTT. 

So to all of you out there with it ...... don't play around.  3 big and 3 small meals a day are actually quite cool .... you cannot possibly be hungry ...... if you eat from the list you not only eat healthily but you maintain your sugar levels ....... take your pills as that helps to break down the resistance and open those "locked doors" and yes ....... I miss all the fun things ... but as my doc says .... it is insulin resistance, not diabetes, so a small piece of cake at a special event won't kill me, but making every day a special event so that I can have a small piece of cake, will. 

Onwards and upwards, and yes Nic I took the tablet 2 hours ago. 

Till next time 
C'est la vie xxxxx

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