47. fortyseven.

sjoe. That number is lying there waiting for me to reach it on Sunday.  47?  Certainly don't feel it and hopefully don't look it, but right after Jess turns 18 on Saturday I reaching that other number on Sunday. 

Wondered what else 47 is relevant about and found out the following crazy things:

47 is the most commonly ocurring two digit random number 

The Geneva Convention protecting prisoners of war was signed by 47 nations

The world's first inflatible wedding chapel is 47 feet high (ok that has got to be a pretty rocking wedding)

The Barnum and Bailey circus train is on the road 47 weeks of the year (in our country it is currently a circus 52 weeks of the year) *tongue in cheek*

In the movie Monsters Inc the factory floor had 47 days without incident before someone stuffed it up

The exit door on a Boeing 737 weighs 47 pounds (bet you were dying to know that hey)

Dr Seuss published 47 books in his lifetime

There are 47 voting members for the Academy Awards

In polo the bamboo handle of the mallet is a minimum of 47 inches

There are 47 species of gulls (can't die without knowing that)

Japan has 47 political regions

King Hussein of Jordan ruled for 47 years

Of all books sold, 47% are romance novels 

In every Star Trek movie the number 47 appears somewhere

So all the above has absolutely NOTHING to do with me turning 47 on the weekend ... but hey ..... who wouldn't want to share their birthday number with the world's first inflatable wedding chapel?  :)

Till next time
c'est la vie xxx 

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