every girl should have one

So what makes a best friend just that .... A best friend?

Now for me it is pretty simple .... Elm is just that all encompassing, always there, can call her from jail at 2am kind of friend...

We always joke that her and I should be married and Franco and Eug married .... Her and I would go to movies and supper and shows several times a week if we could, but our hubby's work long hours and once dinner is eaten tend to hit the proverbial sack (or couch).

Elm and I are movie-holics and I have even dragged her to a couple of scary ones.  No movie is complete without a bite to eat before and a cappuccino after.  Live theatre is just as popular and we see a huge variety of stuff from music to drama to comedy.  Juicy Lucy was an addiction for us until they late last year decided to re-brand themselves and their menu .. Taking away our favourites and losing lifelong customers.

Fun to us is during time off .... At one of our houses with a good DVD or box office and killer coffee.  Talking of killer coffee you will find us often at Abreus ... Great cappuccino and small custard tarts ....we have raced our way through many loyalty coffee cards here.

She taught me how to play the "Portuguese"card game ... I taught her about Scattegories and 30 Seconds.  She taught me how to hem pants by first tacking them ......I taught her how much fun it is to treat yourself to a massage or something similar.  She taught me about keeping everything pristine .... I taught her how not to. :). She attends every event of the kids and all our collective kids are like family.

We  laugh together, we cry together, we scheme together and dream together .... It's a best friend thing and I am eternally grateful that I have her ..

Elm what adventures still lie ahead?

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