that crazy Matric thing

so my daughter has hit the ground running with this matric thing!  one minute i took her there in gr R with huge pigtails and a gap-toothed smile, and now as she enters her 13th year in this school, the big M has arrived.  

the first morning she left, prefect badge shiny, hair shiny, shoes shiny, honours blazer shiny, i looked at her and could almost not believe that she is just mere weeks from 18 and at such an important time of her life.  this first week has been a blur of new rosters, swimming training (highly important to her), english olympiad and of course the week long orientation programme for gr 8 scholars, which she and other prefects are running. 

last night by the time we got home it was 8pm.  by 830pm she was sleeping and at 1130pm she was back up to finish her homework.  this morning as she dashed out the door i reminded her that this is what it is, a 100 % commitment literally 24/7 because by September it is literally nearly all done bar the important bit.  She nodded, but a happy nod .... and i remembered that she has her head screwed on right .... she has spent her entire school career preparing for this moment. 

and snip snip i heard another apron string go, despite my best efforts to ignore it.  "18 is a special number", whispered the apron string, "driver's licence, matric, more freedom".  "shutup", i hissed to the apron string, "i am fully aware of this" ...... as i let the apron string slip gently a little further out my hand.  only a mom will understand this paragraph. 

till next time 
c'est la vie xxxx

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